Brandy Burch

Founder & CEO, Benefitbay

Bio Info

Brandy Burch is the Founder and CEO of benefitbay, a company revolutionizing the complex world of employee benefits and health insurance. Despite coming from a non-traditional background as a single parent, Brandy defied conventions to build her pioneering firm from the ground up. Her uniquely multidisciplinary expertise spanning over 20 years in finance, technology, and human capital management allows Brandy to empathize with the challenges working families face while solving intricate industry problems.

As CEO, Brandy champions innovative solutions like the Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) model to empower employees and employers alike. She meticulously develops strategies aligned with short and long-term objectives, overseeing all operations to drive desired results. Brandy's financial acumen enables her to make strategic investments that increase profitability and propel benefitbay's growth.

With her authentic journey as a working single parent forging her path to the founder's seat, Brandy provides invaluable insights for diverse audiences. Her mastery of industry trends, data-driven mindset, and talent for distilling complex topics into actionable advice make Brandy an ideal guest for shows focused on entrepreneurship, working parents, benefits optimization, health/finance topics and more. Brandy isn't just disrupting her industry - she's inspiring others to pursue their dreams despite adversity.

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