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In order to maximize our time together, we want to answer some of our most  asked questions prior to our call. 

Did you know guesting on established podcasts is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies for B2B companies? Podcasting is exploding in popularity and B2B founders and thought leaders are using it to amplify their voice in the marketplace. Just a few of the benefits of guest podcasting are:

  • Increased visibility for your company
  • Greatly improved credibility and reputation when people search for you
  • Increased traffic to your website and projects
  • Infinite fresh content available through content repurposing
  • New audiences learning about you and your company
  • More leads generated from listeners discovering you
  • Increased email subscribers 


Co-Founder at 10x Management 

The nice thing about the experience we've had so far with Legendary Podcasts is that we've had an amplified effect on social media through the promotion of the podcasts, the message, and the interviews we've had. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We charge a flat rate of $600 per booking. We consider our service to be a performance-based model, but we charge for the first 5 appearances upfront, and as a result we do not charge a setup fee. After your first 5 bookings are completed, your account will transition over to pay-as-you-go and you'll be billed for bookings after they are secured, still at the same $600 price point. 

We do not have retainers as we understand the need for our busy customers to be flexible with their time. With our performance-based model, this allows our customers to do as many or few podcasts as works for their schedule in any given month.

Do I get to review or approve the shows I'll be on before appearing?

Yes! We would never expect you to just appear on any show without your permission. We always get full buy-in and approval from our customers before securing their placement on a show and counting it as a booked appearance. 

Who do I work with at your company? Is there a dedicated point of contact?

When you sign up with us you'll be assigned a dedicated Podcast Booking Agent. This person will run your campaign and be your dedicated point of contact. They'll be in charge of communicating with hosts on your behalf and scheduling your appearances once you agree to be placed on a show. 

Can you place me on any show or only shows you have a relationship with?

We maintain a database of over 15,000 shows that we've had communications with and have relationships with a large network of podcast hosts seeking new and interesting guests for their shows. That said, you're not limited to just the shows in our database. We're experts in outreach and performing outreach to new shows is one of the ways we've built out our database to be so large. 

Keep in mind, we cannot guarantee placement on any specific show. We can be quite persuasive, but the ultimate decision comes down to the host if they want to have you as a guest on their show. 

What size of shows do you place me on? How do I know they aren't brand new shows without listeners?

We only work with established shows who have been publishing consistently for at least one year at minimum, to ensure we're placing our customers on shows that have an established audience. Statistic reporting in podcasting is not very transparent to the listener, and most sources for obtaining this data can be inaccurate, so we've made the conscious decision to focus on consistency over time with their publishing data rather than inaccurate data.

That said, we do speak often with podcast hosts about their listenership and compare their reported metrics with other shows we do have exact data for and most of the shows we work with are in the 10,000+ listenership per month range. Given the opaque nature of that information though, we prefer to base our minimums on something both parties can see and verify, like how long a show has been consistently publishing. 

What geographic regions do you cover?

90% of the shows we work with are US-based. We are not limited only to the US, but due to the US being the largest English-speaking country by population, most of the shows we work with are based there, though many have an international audience. 

If you're a company based outside the US and looking only for appearances outside the US, we may not be the best fit. If you're a US-based company looking only for shows that target a specific state or region in the US, we also would not be the best fit to serve your needs. 

What should I use as a Call-to-Action for my appearance? Can you help me design it?

Every business will have a unique use case for what they should use as a call-to-action for their appearances. The best time for this is at the end of a show when a host asks "how can people find out more about you?" HINT: The worst answer to this question is to simply direct them to your LinkedIn or to your company's homepage. A better strategy would be to direct them to a specific landing page where they can opt in to get some free materials to build upon what you've spoken about already on the show. 

Strategizing about what would make a great and compelling call-to-action for your appearances is part of our initial onboarding section, however it is out of the scope of our service to help you actually create, design and implement onto your website. 

How long does it take to get started?

Lead time from sign up to first booking is usually 4-5 weeks, this primarily depends on how soon we can get the information we need to build your strategy and final approval on assets and resources we create for you.

Christopher Willis

CMO & CPO at Acrolinx

Working with the team at Legendary Podcasts has been great. They're very helpful, attentive, and responsive and have gotten me some great conversations across a number of great podcasts so far. And the interesting thing about it is that they've all been super relevant, but in almost all cases, different.

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