Artug Acar

Chief Operating Officer

Bio Info

Artug Acar serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Mercury, specializing in shipping solutions for Life Sciences and Healthcare, including biotech incubators. With a background in logistics and software engineering, Artug oversees key functions such as sales, marketing, operations, product development, people operations, and IT.

Originally from Izmir, Turkey, Artug began his career as a mechanical design engineer before transitioning into software engineering. 
Prior to Mercury, he held roles at high-tech companies in the Greater Boston area, including MathWorks, Kiva/Amazon Robotics, Symbotic, Humatics, and RightHand Robotics. His work in the area of warehousing automation led to Business Insider naming him in their 2021 list of the 10 leaders transforming manufacturing in North America.

Outside of work, Artug enjoys sailing, cycling, and exploring new cuisines during his travels.

With expertise in logistics, technology, software development, leadership, startups, robotics, and company culture, Artug is a valuable resource for discussions on the future of healthcare logistics and innovation.

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