Andy Hagans

Co-Founder, WealthChannel

Bio Info

Andy Hagans is a two-decade serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping investors achieve financial independence.

Andy co-founded, scaled and sold multiple different seven- and eight-figure businesses, including ETF Database (ETFdb), which grew to be the largest independent media property covering exchange-traded funds in the United States. ETFdb is now a part of TSX Group, a publicly-traded company that operates the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Andy is co-founder at WealthChannel, which provides education to help investors achieve financial independence and a worry-free retirement. He also hosts WealthChannel With Andy Hagans, a podcast featuring deep dive interviews with the world’s top investing experts. The show reaches thousands of monthly listeners and viewers.

Beyond his own podcast, Andy is also an in-demand speaker on topics relating to wealth and investing. He has been a keynote and featured speaker at several conferences, and a guest lecturer at
Notre Dame’s Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate.

Andy graduated from the University of Notre Dame, and resides in Michigan with his wife and five children.

Andy's Podcast

WealthChannel | Financial Deep Dives

Learn about wealth and investing from the world’s leading experts. Host Andy Hagans conducts in-depth interviews to explore the topics that matter most, to protect and grow your wealth.

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