Alli Trussell

Alli Trussell

Chief of Staff at Wunderkind

Bio Info

Alli Trussell is Chief of Staff at Wunderkind, one of the fastest-growing SaaS and Marketing companies in the United States. With proven experience in people management, talent acquisition and departmental development, Alli is at the heart of Wunderkind's extensive internal operations. She is passionate about employee success and has a professional mission to make "Career Pathing" the new "Performance Management."

Alli is an expert in strategic assistance, PR and relationship management, having served as right hand to Wunderkind's CEO in the past. Today, she executes some of Wunderkind's most important strategic initiatives and is constantly innovating ways to harness and boost talent across departments.

With an unconventional story of success in the tech world, Alli Trussell captivates audiences with engaging stories about life and work in New York City, and managing relationships and people in fast-paced business contexts. Hosts and audiences alike will love her energy, vision and story. 

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