Ali Wittich

Founder, MarTecha

Bio Info

Ali Wittich is a seasoned expert in demand generation, campaign execution, and data privacy, bringing a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to modern marketing challenges. As the founder of MarTecha, Ali has transformed her insights into practical solutions for businesses, focusing on optimizing CRMs and marketing automation platforms like Pardot and HubSpot. Her background includes leading marketing operations for North America at Publicis Sapient and advancing marketing initiatives at PwC, underscoring her proficiency in data-driven marketing strategies.

With over a decade in corporate America, Ali has honed her skills in not just the technical aspects of marketing but also in understanding the softer, more intuitive sides of business ownership. Her journey from corporate leader to entrepreneur has been marked by a focus on clean data and robust tech stacks, which she makes relatable by tying them to real-world business challenges.

Ali is committed to giving back to the community and nurturing future business leaders. Her perspective as a leader is greatly enriched by her voluntary service as a board member for Junior Achievement.

Based in Austin, Texas, Ali combines her technical acumen with a passion for holistic business practices. She emphasizes the importance of understanding what can and cannot be controlled in the business landscape, blending practical marketing insights with a more spiritual approach to leadership. Ali's engaging personality and dedication to her clients' success make her a compelling guest for discussions on marketing, technology, and the human side of business.

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