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Adam Judelson is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and executive startup advisor who focuses on accelerating product growth, scaling, and the search for product-market fit primarily with emerging tech companies. With deep experience across business and enterprise software products, data and AI, two-sided marketplaces, privacy, and defense-focused ventures, Adam is an all-around startup athlete. He led product for Palantir’s flagship Gotham data platform, grew the data privacy marketplace mePrism as President from zero through its first 100M data points reclaimed, and successfully built a startup inside a global worldwide consultancy.

Adam is a Techstars LA lead mentor and has advised businesses ranging from scrappy computer vision and drone startups to space and satellite companies to massive private-equity-backed firms, and has helped numerous ventures lay the foundations necessary for successful capital raises at multiple stages. Adam is a two-time founder himself, once for a social good startup focused on political giving and the other focused on personal productivity. He is the owner of First Principles, a product agency focused on helping companies achieve their world changing visions.

Product founders, agencies, executives, coaches, B2B and B2C enterprises, government institutions, and emerging tech product enthusiasts in your audience will learn tactics to strategize in business, and innovate. Book him now!


The Unconventional Palantir Principles that catalysed A Generation of Startups 

Forward-deploy your engineering

Hire The best absolute greatest people who exist

Hire no salespeople—instead have engineers do sales

Experimenting with live products

Build features that magnify value over time

Don’t build a PM organization too early

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