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Adam Danyleyko is a dedicated advocate for the startup community, with a background steeped in fostering growth and innovation. As the Product Owner for Startups at Amii (the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute), he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With over four years of diverse experience in roles ranging from HR Business Partner in Alberta Energy to Policy Analyst in Economic Development & Trade, Adam has honed his skills in community building and policy development. His passion for nurturing startups was ignited during his tenure at Startup Edmonton, where he played a pivotal role in expanding post-secondary programming and leading the Community Team.

Adam's journey to support and empower startup founders is underscored by his commitment to seeing others thrive. With a Bachelor of Commerce in HR Management from the University of Alberta School of Business, he possesses the ideal blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to guide startups on their journey. His expertise in startups, the AI advantage for startups, student entrepreneurship, and ecosystem building make him an ideal guest for podcasts targeting startup founders, investors, CTOs, decision-makers, student entrepreneurs, and anyone involved in the startup ecosystem. Listeners will be inspired by Adam's dedication to helping startups explore, build, and deploy ML & AI technologies and his passion for growing the startup community in Alberta and beyond.

For podcast hosts looking to engage their audience with insights into the world of startups and the transformative power of AI, Adam Danyleyko is the ideal guest. His unique blend of experience in government, community building, and startup support, combined with his genuine passion for nurturing growth, make him a valuable addition to discussions on innovation, entrepreneurship, and the future of technology. Invite Adam to your podcast and tap into his wealth of knowledge to inspire and educate your audience on the exciting intersection of startups and AI.

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