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21st Century Entrepreneurship

21st Century Entrepreneurship is a podcast that provides inspiring, actionable advice from some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs in a dynamic 30-minute format.

The show provides aspiring and current entrepreneurs with insights on the fundamentals of starting and growing a business, achieving success, as well as the difficulties of entrepreneurship.

Learning from successful entrepreneurs as they discuss their own personal business journey - including their pitfalls and how they got out of them - is one of the best ways to get a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial journey.

While the show is focused on providing practical tips and actionable insights, it's host, Martin Piskoric, understands that the learning process should also be engaging, entertaining, and enjoyable. In addition to carefully crafting his conversations with guests, Martin is now also creating special episodes to revisit critical themes and reflect on insights from multiple guests to help listeners apply the collective wisdom shared over the years.

Host Info

Martin Piskoric is an award-winning podcast host, speaker and author on the topics of 21st-century entrepreneurship, creativity and storytelling. He helps companies create uniqueness in their marketing by developing human stories to tell in their own words.

Martin Piskoric

As an experienced digital, personal development and communications strategist, consultant and advisor he helps clients to regain their sense of business direction through the use of mindfulness, skillsets optimization and innovative processes. He works with people from all walks of life in a variety of sectors.