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Jeremy Snyder

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Jeremy is the Founder and CEO of, and thrives on interesting challenges in the cloud, cybersecurity, data and robotics domain spaces, with the potential to have a positive impact. He tends to go towards entrepreneurial environments where people are highly motivated moving at a fast pace, and where he can contribute more to their success.

Snyder's specialties are cloud, cloud security, cybersecurity, M&A, international business, business development, strategy and operations. He is fluent in 5 languages and has a strong ability to analyze new industries rapidly, recognize key patterns, and design business models. That has allowed him to help rapidly-growing companies go after new markets.

This knowledgeable guest is making a lot of noise in the digital security sector, and will inspire CISOs, VP engineers, DevSecOps leaders, IT directors, cloud architects, and investors among your audience. Book him now to connect with Jeremy and continue educating listeners on different, effective approaches to API security.

Jeremy's Podcast

Modern Cyber with Jeremy Snyder

Modern Cyber

A cutting-edge podcast series where cybersecurity thought leaders come together to explore the evolving landscape of digital security.

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Topic Suggestions

How to level up your career or digital business in a different, effective approach to API security

Current cyber security problems, risks, and innovative solutions for large enterprises

How are organizations connecting to the world and what type of protection do they require?

The role that ease of deployment plays in CloudFormation to eliminate API security challenges

The API Vector – The most used and most frequently attacked in the modern Internet

Predictions in InfoSec that digital organizations should know about to prevent breaches

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