Bryan DeBois

Director of Industrial AI at RoviSys

Bio Info

Bryan DeBois is the Director of Industrial AI at RoviSys, one of the largest independent Global System Integrators focused on manufacturing and industrial customers. During the 20 years he's worked there, he has focused on Manufacturing Execution Systems, Historians, Plant Floor Software, and Level 3 Information Solutions in the Operational Technology space. Bryan’s current focus is on operationalizing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Infrastructure, and Advanced Analytics to boost the productivity of global manufacturers.

This guest will benefit listeners by sharing valuable knowledge on digital transformation, industrial AI, industry 4.0, and more that will help C-Suite professionals, VPs, directors, and overall executives focused on smart manufacturing.

DeBois is a roller coaster addict and, together with his wife, he's been on more than 100 rides in the US! He wants to share with audiences how he's gotten where he is now, with insights that will help listeners strengthen their businesses in the industry with the fearless energy that has propelled him towards success. Book him now.

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