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Zenobia Godschalk

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Zenobia Godschalk is a recognized leader in the blockchain and Web3 space, serving as the Senior Vice President of Communications for Hedera Hashgraph and SwirldsLabs, where she was a founding team member. With over two decades of experience in high tech PR, Zenobia has helped companies create and dominate new categories, launch successful products, and build large social and online communities. She is also the CEO and founder of ZAG Communications, a multi-million dollar PR and marketing firm serving high-growth technology companies.

With her extensive knowledge of blockchain and cybersecurity strategies, technologies, and markets, Zenobia is a sought-after speaker and mentor in the tech industry. She has also invested in several early-stage startups, including those focused on blockchain and Web3. Zenobia's expertise and unique background make her an ideal guest for podcasts aimed at enterprise architects, application builders/developers, women in tech, CEOs, IT decision makers, and founders interested in real-world adoption of blockchain/DLT, Web3, blockchain security, metaverse, sustainability, women in Web3, and women in tech. Book her now!


Demystifying Blockchain | Zenobia Godschalk | TEDxCentennialParkWomen

"On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog," with these words, Zenobia Godschalk, Founder, Zag Communications talks about internet privacy or lack thereof. She astutely asks the question "how did we the people become we the product," as our private information and data is bought and sold online. Assume you are comprised. In her talk, she outlines how blockchain can help us achieve the internet we deserve instead of the internet that we have today.  This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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Topic Suggestions

Understanding the real-world adoption of blockchain and DLT

Learning about Web3 and its impact on the future of the internet for application builders and developers

Tips and tools for enterprise architects to enhance blockchain security practices

The intersection of blockchain, Web3, and virtual reality in shaping the Metaverse

Understanding the role of blockchain in creating a more sustainable Web3 future

Highlighting the achievements of women in the blockchain and Web3 industries

Why blockchain and Web3 are crucial for the future of business and how they can benefit companies

Guidance for enterprise architects and IT decision makers on migrating applications to the Hedera network

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