Zeb Anderson

Zeb Anderson

Co-founder and CEO LegalQ - Techstars '21

Bio Info

Zeb Anderson is a coder, developer and attorney based in Minneapolis, and the Co-Founder/CEO at LegalQ - an innovative new app offering users easy access to legal professionals on demand.

Zeb started his profession as web developer having worked on eComm, industrial part configuration, custom web applications, and mobile websites. He has handled massive development efforts on projects of financial forecasting data, performance and load testing software, LoadRunner scripts, and RUP6 Oracle patching, as well as marketing, business development, technical, and legal roles.

Zeb has a background in Political Science and Law, and LegalQ became the synthesis of his experience in the legal as well as technologic sectors. As Co-Founder and CEO, Zeb ensures that face-to-face legal consultation is accessible to anyone through LegalQ, reducing the commons hurdles of cost and wait faced by many individuals in need of legal assistance. 

He is a successful entrepreneur, ready to talk to your audience about the journey of growing a start-up, the importance of LegalTech innovations, and the ways people can gain clarity and find legal solutions to their problems using a simple app. Zeb can't wait to share more on your show!

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Topic Suggestions

The Importance of Easy and Low-Cost Access to Justice Today.

Trends and Innovations in the Legal Technology Space.

How Improved Access to Legal Services can Impact Democratic Ideals. 

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Digital Transformation of Person-to-Person Services Today.

Challenges, Sacrifices, and Opportunities for Tech Start-Ups.

Resources, Inequalities, and Opportunities for Innovation in Today's Legal Community.

Trends in Data and Privacy for Legal Professionals.

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