William Griggs

William Griggs


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William Griggs is a self-described Operations Nerd and the Founder & CEO at GetBailey.com and VirtualRealityRental.co. He is passionate about B2B service businesses and solving their problems efficiently and innovatively. With almost 15 years of experience in the field, William is an expert in marketing technology, automation, product management and customer acquisition strategy.

In 2016, William Griggs launched Bailey to provide businesses with custom-built automations designed to tangibly impact service-delivery capacities, customer satisfaction, employee happiness and profit margins. William is a Thought Leader in the world of business innovation and has a novel vision of how robust, scalable automations can revolutionize operations.

William is a passionate speaker and industry leader who has also written for leading publications such as Mashable, OnStartups, TheNextWeb, VentureBeat, Under30CEO, & ReadWrite. He is ready to appear on your show and bring actionable advice to your audience! 

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