Tory Gray

CEO, The Gray Dot Company

Bio Info

Tory Gray is a highly experienced digital marketing consultant and the Founder of The Gray Dot Company. With more than 15 years of experience in SEO and growth strategy, Tory has helped numerous businesses achieve their goals through digital strategy, with a focus on technical and strategic SEO. Tory's unique perspective on problem-solving and business growth opportunities comes from her background in both digital agencies and in-house B2C startup environments, in both marketing and product roles. Her approach to SEO strategy is cross-functional, coordinating with product, marketing, and engineering teams to achieve marketing success.

As a quoted SEO expert on various media outlets and a senior SEO advisor for several digital agencies, Tory is a respected figure in the industry. Additionally, she is a passionate mentor for WTSEO, a support network aimed at empowering women in the Technical SEO field. For shows with an audience of leaders at swiftly growing brands and brand families who are feeling the pain of scale, as well as business, engineering, or marketing-focused individuals, Tory would be an excellent guest. Her expertise on strategic SEO, technical SEO, leveraging digital data as market research, scaling with SEO/agile SEO, and user-generated content strategy, combined with her growth-minded perspective and proven results, make her an asset to any podcast discussion. If you want to connect the dots between objectives, insights, and execution, book Tory now!

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