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Tom Pierce

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Tom Pierce is a highly experienced problem solver with a diverse background that includes military service, pastoral ministry, and application software. As the President of Integrated Information Systems since 1994, he has become an expert in areas such as integrated business planning, cost and schedule analysis, and cross-functional collaboration. Tom's approach involves combining human intelligence with innovative software, allowing him to successfully bridge the gap between human and computer systems and provide lasting value to his clients.

Thanks to his extensive industry experience and ability to solve complex problems, Tom is an excellent guest for anyone seeking insights into the challenges faced by operations and supply chain managers, program managers, and small business owners. If you're looking for a guest who can provide valuable solutions and insights to your audience, Tom Pierce would be an ideal choice!

Previous Interviews

808 Podcast

808 Podcast

#316 Tom Pierce - i2s

WBSRocks: Business Growth with ERP and Digital Transformation

WBSRocks: Business Growth with ERP and Digital Transformation

WBSP425: Grow Your Business by Learning Why ERP Implementation is More of an Art than Science w/ Tom Pierce

Topic Suggestions

Best practices for successful deployment of ERP systems

The art of ERP implementation: Why it's more than just a science

Business intelligence: Creating and delivering clear and reliable information for decisive action

How software solutions can benefit small and medium-sized businesses

Integrating legacy MRP/ERP and logistics systems with emerging technologies

Improving supply chain management through collaboration and data analysis

How to develop and sustain robust planning cycles for effective project management

Balancing human and technological resources for maximum efficiency

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