Tom Geary

Tom Geary

Founder and Executive Creative Director at School of Thought

Bio Info

Tom Geary is the Founder and Creative Director at School of Thought, a fresh and innovative creative agency based in the San Francisco Bay area. With decades of experience in the industry, Tom has become a Thought Leader on topics related to the world of branding, strategy, media and content creation. He has positioned his agency as a leader in sustainability and social responsibility, creating high-impact campaigns for huge names including Cisco WebEx, Ebay, Bing and Red Bull.

Tom Geary's philosophy is based on "Making Them Care" - the guiding principle driving School of Thought's compassionate, socially-conscious and relatable campaigns that create meaningful connections between brands and consumers. His light-hearted and humorous approach to some of the biggest issues impacting the industry and world today make him a perfect guest on podcasts with audiences interested in creative innovations, industry insights and branding strategy advice. 

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Topic Suggestions

Communicating sustainability in branding and media today.

Meeting the social impact moment with courageous communications.  

How to build and manage a do-good company.

Why most marketing campaigns fail.

The opportunity cost to not finding your brand and voice.

Risk-taking and entrepreneurship - what it means to be a good leader today.

Humor and emotion as an effective tool in branding and advertising.

Why you really can’t afford not to be leaning into diversity and inclusion.

The power of branding and advertising to move the needle and create meaningful social change in practice.

How to find your own brand's values and the importance of connecting with them.

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