Theresa Baretta



Operations Coachsultant™ | CX Specialist | Owner

Bio Info

Theresa saw first-hand how the big corporations were able to leverage systems to experience massive growth, and founded Loop Link to bring that deeper impact to those who would feel it most — CEOs!

Through her 15+ years experience, Theresa launched Loop Link with a focus on local community, originally serving clients in construction, the trades, and contractors. She wanted the flexibility to spend time with her family, and the freedom to serve in her passion: creating, designing and refining systems for other types of companies.

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Topic Suggestions

Productivity and Focus Coaching

Creating Flexibility for Growth

Building Organizational Systems

The Power of Systems to Drive Growth

Relying on SOP's for Flawless Operations 

Management vs. Leadership

The Productivity Mindset

The Practice of Coachsulting

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