Choosing the right agency to represent you in the podcasting world is essential. At Legendary Podcasts we represent founders, coaches, executives, creators and experts from a huge variety of industries, and we work hard to get to know what makes your work special so we can communicate that to hosts.

Our clients love our personalized approach to finding the right shows for you and your company, always keeping an eye on your end goal - be it brand awareness, connecting with industry peers, contributing to important industry conversations or getting more clients! At Legendary Podcasts we make it our mission to make sure you love the podcasting experience from start to finish.

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Roger Khoury

CEO at Market Forecasting Academy

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Rishon Blumberg

Co-Founder at 10x Management & Author of Game Changer: How to be 10x in the Talent Economy

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Erik Newton

VP of Marketing at Milestone

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Dustin DeVries

Co-Founder/CEO at Caffeine Interactive

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Amy Scott

Couples Financial Coach & Founder at amyscottcoaching.com

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Christopher Willis

CMO & CPO at Acrolinx

If you're looking for an agency to represent you truthfully, efficiently and compellingly, you can count of Legendary Podcasts experienced Podcast Agents to impress you. With extensive experience and connections in the podcasting world, we work directly with thousands of podcast hosts from across all categories to secure high-quality opportunities for all of our clients.

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