Ted DeBettencourt

Co-Founder, Juvo Leads

Bio Info

Ted DeBettencourt is a seasoned marketer and the co-founder of Juvo Leads, a martech company that provides complete lead capture and tracking services for marketing agencies. Juvo Leads' innovative approach has helped its clients earn up to 35% more leads with a done-for-you chat service and a 4-in-1 lead tracking and capture solution that tracks every call, form, chat, and SMS.

With over a decade of experience in legal marketing, Ted's expertise makes him an ideal guest for podcasts targeting marketing agencies, law firms, home service businesses, elective medicine business owners and marketers, and senior living communities. Podcast hosts focused on lead capture, chat, conversion optimization, chat bots, human-powered chat, and chat scripting would benefit greatly from Ted's insights and knowledge. If you're looking for a guest who can provide valuable tips and solutions for generating more leads and optimizing conversions, Ted DeBettencourt would be an excellent choice!

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Topic Suggestions

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The importance of tracking qualified leads: Helping marketing agencies achieve better results

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