Steve Maly

Founder & cEO, Maly Marketing

Bio Info

Steve Maly, Founder of Maly Marketing, speaks at conferences throughout the Midwest on relevant topics such as how businesses can stop lighting their marketing dollars on fire and gain trackable, predictable results.

His main focus day-to-day is strategy and media buying, along with his role of being the owner and dispenser of paychecks. Steve and the teams work has resulted in Maly Marketing winning over a dozen American Marketing Association Prism Awards which focuses solely on results based campaigns.

He also sits on the board for the Nebraska Travel Association and the Public Policy Committee for the city of Lincoln along with numerous business boards in his home base of Lincoln Nebraska.

Away from the office, Steve chases little white balls around the golf course and is passionate about continuing education.

If you are looking to get your listeners consisting of Founders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs or Destination Marketing Organization Directors to hear from a marketing expert who values education-based and trackable marketing strategies, Steve Maly is the perfect fit!


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