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Stephen wants to solve big problems and he’s finally built the platform to do it.

Stephen built Insurtech Gateway, to give the world’s best founders access to the $2trn insurance markets. He is seeking Founders to de-risk climate innovation, to put the fairness back into tech, and to inspire the insurance sector to step up as an enabler of the next generation of business.

Stephen grew up in the shadow of Silverstone, UK's Formula 1 circuit in a motor-racing family, learning the importance of product design and testing from a young age. After getting lost on a mountain hike in 2003, Stephen developed and patented origami mountain maps, building this into an international publishing business. This put him on a 20-year path of product innovation and fund raising in between corporate innovation and entrepreneurs including programs for BBC, Nicoventures, and Nike Foundation. Through a chance encounter he met insurance entrepreneurs Rob Lumley and Richard Chattock, and together they created the innovative Insurtech Gateway venture builder platform.

Stephen’s belief that ‘quality is the only business plan’, puts a high conviction in founders, his team members, and the ability of Insurtech Gateway to support new businesses one at a time with committed insurer partners. Don’t miss the opportunity to tap into his wealth of knowledge and experience to help your audience supercharge their startups!


Insurtech Gateway: The Time is Now

For over 300 years insurance has been the last line of defence for business and society. But in the fast changing world of today significant protection gaps are emerging.

Last year two thirds of the economic losses, resulting from natural disasters weren’t covered by insurance. There has been no way of accurately predicting the risks and until now insurers have avoided them.

We have a new vision for the insurance sector.

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