Simon O'Dell

Managing Director at Insurtech Gateway Australia

Bio Info

Simon spent 10 years as an insurance intermediary technician, and the past 8 years breaking down barriers to unlock the insurance market to Insurtech founders. Simon is a start-up founder, an MBA and Y-Combinator graduate, Co-Founder of the not-for-profit Insurtech Australia and now the for-profit Insurtech Gateway Australia. 

O'Dell is an identical twin, with 6 older brothers. The one that inspired him the most was his alternate, anti-establishment, almost hippy brother Chris. He had long hair, a combie van, a guitar, he loved the natural world and lived in Byron Bay when it rocked in the 90s. 

If innovation is about imagining the future and identifying what, from today's products and services are missing, then Simon’s brother was highly innovative. He foresaw the shortcomings, the problems with products and services in the 90s, their inability to service needs in the post climate change era, and championed for solutions. Having been strongly influenced by him, Simon is now executing the values and vision his brother embodied.

Innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, and hands-on communities leveraging climate technologies will sneak peek into the Gateway of disruption, and learn to navigate the Australian ClimateTech market - Book him now!

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