Sebastian Westerby

Legal Counsel, CEO & Partner at TortExperts

Bio Info

Sebastian Westerby, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Tort Experts, is a renowned legal marketing expert. He is dedicated to disrupting the status quo by leveraging technology, data, and transparency

With his innovative lead and case acquisition techniques, Sebastian has consistently delivered exceptional return on investments for his clients. His fresh perspective has revolutionized the landscape of legal marketing, earning him recognition in esteemed legal publications like "AI, Machine Learning & Big Data Laws and Regulation." 

Sebastian's expertise spans across a wide range of legal marketing domains, including social media marketing, telemarketing, offline and online marketing, intake services, medical record retrieval, and case management. 

As a legal counsel specialized in litigation finance, Sebastian combines his marketing proficiency with a deep understanding of Tort and class action law. This unique blend allows him to offer invaluable insights and significant value to those involved in the field.

Previous Interviews

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Legal Mastermind Podcast

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Reinventing Professionals

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What People are Saying


Quality mass torts company – It is scarce to find quality and affordability on the same line, but TortExperts defies this rule. We have collaborated with some mass torts companies in the past and what we have gotten in 5 years is far behind what we have achieved with TortExpert in a fraction of that time. The TortExperts team is professional, collaborative and a delight to work with.


Top-quality mass torts source in the US – TortExperts are true to their words. When they said, they allow you to focus on doing your job as a legal entity. At the same time, they handle your growth; I thought it was all just for PR. As the chief executive officer of my company H and M attorneys, I can confirm that no other company delivers quality mass torts like TortExperts, and I mean it.


Most hardworking leads company – I have not seen a marketing firm that works harder than TortExperts. I ordered leads come months ago, and I have received hundreds of recent and active torts. My team and I were fascinated by TortExpert’s offer of paying for only cases converted, so we gave it short, and the results we have gotten so far have been the best.

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