Samuel Hill

Director of Product Marketing at Cyolo Security

Bio Info

Samuel is the Product Marketing Director for Cyolo Security, where they created one unified platform that enables users to access all applications, servers, desktops, and files within an organization securely and with ease. Cyolo leverages agility, security, and productivity – whatever the situation, wherever their users may be.

Hill is skilled in helping orchestrate and integrate critical device security. He also provides resilient IT strategies, supportive security ecosystems, and process integrity across industrial Extended Internet of Things and Commercial Cyber-Physical Systems. 

Before cybersecurity, Samuel spent 7 years working in the ER and loves to tell the stories. He is the husband to one, father to four, lives in Bozeman, MT, and would rather be outside. Samuel holds an M.A. in Strategic Leadership from Life Pacific University, and he can't wait to continue helping security professionals in the manufacturing, banking, financial services, insurance, as well as oil and gas industries grow and protect their organizations effectively. Book him now.

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