Sach Jhangiani

Co-Founder & CMO at Elevate.Money

Bio Info

Sach Jhangiani is the Co-Founder and CMO at Elevate.Money, where he provides alternative investment access to millennials via its tech-driven platform by offering fractionalized interests in commercial real estate portfolios to non-millionaires via a seamless and user-friendly digital interface. 

Jhangiani followed the plan. He graduated from NYU Stern School of Business, got a full-time job at Credit Suisse a year before finishing college, and once at the firm, he figured out a way to get his dream job as a trader. Sach had a successful 15+ year career and made it to the top of the ranks as a Managing Director, only to realize that he wasn't happy. He had become someone he didn't enjoy being and lost his purpose and direction.

In 2016, Sach left his job and moved to the West to recalibrate. Over the next several years fell in love with digital marketing and communication and found the drive to share his knowledge from wall-street and help make the world a more level-playing field when it comes to building wealth and taking ownership of one's finances. 

This incredible guest speaker is ready to continue democratizing investment by educating the next generation of entrepreneurs, accountants, engineers, and finance and real estate professionals on how to build a wealthy future. Book him now. 

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