Roudy Nassif

Roudy Nassif

Co-Founder & Head R&D at VivaRays

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Now more than ever, we are exposing ourselves to artificial light from our phones, devices, TVs and LED lighting. This exposure is taking its toll on our bodies. We are sleeping poorly, waking up tired and sluggish, with a lack of energy and an inability to stay focussed.

For most of his life, Roudy Nassif spent nights staying up late, waking up feeling exhausted, unmotivated and unfocused. About 5years ago, Roudy's depression and anguish became unbearable, and he left his job to embark on a worldwide journey of learning about himself, nature, quantum physics and biology. Roudy's travels transformed his health and his research into light, health and circadian rhythm disorders has led to the birth of VivaRays.

Roudy is the Co-Founder of VivaRays. He has an engineering background and a solid understanding of the quantum physics of light. Roudy has been educating more than 150 functional medicine doctors about maximizing the power of light for patient health and wellbeing. He passionately believes that we all can manage the artificial light we are exposed to, and he wants to educate us and provide us with the knowledge and tools to improve our overall health, sleeping patterns, energy and focus.

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