Rob Dickinson

Rob Dickinson

Co-Founder and CTO At Resurface Labs

Bio Info

Co-founder and CTO at Resurface Labs, Rob Dickinson lives and breathes APIs and how we can learn from user actions. Years at Intel, Dell, and Quest Software frame his passion for customer input, and to architect and build a scalable solution to solve for security, faster troubleshooting, and observability using real API data from real users. 

Rob is a versatile speaker and able to make complex technical topics accessible and compelling to audiences across the board and at all levels. He has unparalleled insights as a Founder and CTO of a growing API observability firm, and is also an expert on databases, Open Source software, development tools, DevOps, DevSecOps and anything involving bits and bytes.

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Topic Suggestions

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Measuring the Safety of Personal Identifiable Information Across Your APIs.

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The Importance of API Observability to Maintaining Business Security and Trust. 

Why Your Business Success Depends So Much On Top Cybersecurity Measures. 

Trends in Digital Privacy, DevOps and Cybersecurity Today.

Highlight and Empowering Cybersecurity Innovations Across Diverse Industries.  

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