Ricky Marton

Co-Founder & CEO, Philanthrofi

Bio Info

Ricky Marton is a successful tech entrepreneur who is committed to sustainability and social impact. As the CEO and co-founder of Philanthrofi, Ricky leads the way in providing a data-driven platform solution for connecting companies with impact organizations for improved corporate sustainability, ESG and social impact initatives. With a master's degree in technology for international development and a Harvard certificate in sustainable business strategy, he has dedicated his career to creating innovative solutions that promote long-term economic growth while also advancing social and environmental causes

Podcasters targeting top managers, C-suite members, and professionals in sustainability, ESG or social impact can benefit from Ricky's expertise in technology for good, innovation, AI for good, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. He brings unique insights to the table thanks to his experience as a startup founder and academic background. Whether it's discussing the latest trends in corporate social responsibility or the ethical implications of AI, Ricky's ideas are thought-provoking and engaging. If you're interested in leveraging technology to create a positive impact on the world, you won't want to miss having Ricky Marton on your podcast.

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