Richie Lokay

Richie Lokay

VP of Product Design and Services at Wunderkind

Bio Info

Richie Lokay is an expert at providing technical solutions to design issues at scale. He has combined his background in IT, design and communication to help Wunderkind lead the charge in the new field of Performance Design. Providing 1-to-1 personalized marketing and a great customer experience on a huge scale is a daunting challenge and one which Richie and his team are meeting head-on by employing design to the nth degree.

Richie is committed to helping business leaders throughout the various stages of a company's growth. He is a knowledgeable speaker with insightful and actionable advice regarding employee research, HR, team building, marketing technology and design.

His passion for design and finding solutions to problems is quite simply built into his genes. A New York history buff and board game collector, Richie actually built his own home and when COVID meant he couldn't find the products he wanted to baby-proof that home he used a 3D printer to do it himself!

Topic Suggestions

Translating brands for the international market.

How to use data to amplify your message without diluting your brand.

Fusing marketing, design and branding to enhance performance.

Creating technical solutions to design issues at scale.

Design as a visual problem-solving medium.

Emerging tools in design and marketing.

How to effectively lead your company through the different stages of growth.

Custom messaging and tone - the key to building a connection between clients and products.

The role of employee research and team building in creating a successful business culture.

Opening your eyes to design - history, board games, 3D printing, DIY and more!

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