Raman Sehgal

Raman Sehgal

Founder & Global President of ramarketing

Bio Info

Raman is the Founder of several niche companies including ramarketing, a multimillion-dollar international agency that helps companies get noticed in the global life science space.

As an entrepreneur, Raman embarked on a business journey that ultimately spanned the Atlantic—from a spare room in the Northeast of England to the bustling streets of Boston, Massachusetts, where he lives today with his wife and three sons. As an author, keynote speaker, podcaster, blogger, Forbes Agency Council member, and guest university lecturer, Raman shares his knowledge, mistakes, and learnings in an honest manner that will hopefully help others' journey. One of his favorite mottos is "sharing is caring, right?", which is reflected in the impact that his work has on other businesses and individuals alike.

Raman just launched his book,
The Floundering Founder, which contains 24 lessons to refocus your business and better yourself, and collects the essential tools and learnings that can have the greatest, long-term impact. He is now ready to continue sharing his talent and insightful knowledge with a wide audience of entrepreneurs, marketers, pharmaceutical, bio, and tech supply owners, and founders looking to scale their businesses. He can't wait to get booked on your show!

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