Raamon Newman

Raamon Newman

Co-Founder & CEO at New Mavericks

Bio Info

Raamon Newman is Co-founder & CEO of New Mavericks, a global leadership development consultancy based in Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Sydney. He has worked with over 50 top CEOs and execs of billion-revenue companies for more than 20 years, providing them with techniques to achieve high leadership capacity, averting problems and seizing growth opportunities. 

With a drive for helping people develop a sense of protection in any market, Raamon is also co-author to The Science of Protection: How Leaders Gain an Unfair Advantage to Create Stellar Success. His book helps leaders enhance their progress through mental optimization and skills. Everything required to support their vision can be developed within, and Raamon is an expert in showing them how. 

He is a former top-three nationally-ranked track athlete, national cross country team winner, state championship-winning rugby player, environmental products entrepreneur, 10-year full-time meditating monk, Meisner trained actor, a philanthropist, and a graduate from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing.

Raamon inspires courageous leaders on how to have indomitable self-awareness, energy, clarity, belief, and creativity through timely individualized out-of-the-box insights. In addition, his time and field-tested leadership development techniques and programs achieve breakthrough results in the fastest, most protected way possible. 

He and his business partner Paolo helped one of their CEO clients grow his company from $1B to $7B in 7 years, something he told his board he couldn't have done without the insights and support they gave him. Raamon can't wait to share more about this and how leaders can practically experience the highest levels of fulfillment!


The Science of Protection

How Leaders Gain an Unfair Advantage to Create Stellar Success

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