Host a Revenue-Generating Podcast

in Less than 1 Hour per Week

Most people know there’s lots of money in hosting a podcast but think they don’t have the time.

Let us show you the best of both worlds

Hosting a Podcast = Instant Authority

From the second your podcast launches, your prospects and others in your industry will immediately start to see you as an authority.

What doesn’t happen immediately? Getting your podcast produced, edited and distributed to the world. Our patented process ensures you go live with a revenue-generating podcast that won’t take more than 1 hour per week of your time. 

More Sales

Being the host of a podcast puts you in a prime position to make recommendations and sell to your audience

Endless Content

Hosting your own podcasts puts you in the position of having an unlimited stream of content to repurpose

Free Promotion

Your guests will do a lot of heavy lifting promoting your show for you. We have access to high-profile guests with large networks too.

Why Start a Podcast the Legendary Way?

Revenue-Generating Shows

Our most important focus is helping you create a podcast that actually produces revenue, not just makes you feel good.

There are a number of different ways to go about them, like selling advertising or your own products through the show. The fastest way though, is by inviting guests onto the show who can help you grow your audience, but who will also act as your best joint venture partners. 

It’s True - Host Your Show in 1 Hour per Week

There are lots of podcast production companies out there who can take your raw audio files, edit them and send them back to you. We take things several steps further.

We also take complete responsibility for booking all your guests onto your show for you, so you’ll never miss a week or have to scramble for guests. We’ll also pre-interview your guest and provide you with a full cheat sheet with info about your guests and talking points for navigating the episode. Once it’s produced and ready to go live, we’ll also repurpose it into multiple pieces of media and arrange a coordinated promotion schedule with your guest.

It’s almost like showing up as a guest to your own podcast!

Your Guests Promote You

By focusing on bringing the right types of guests onto your show, we ensure that they have the right type of audience to help bring your show the reach it deserves. 

We don't just leave this on you to make things happen though - we work with your guests directly to help them coordinate the promotion for maximum reach 

What Our Customers Are Saying

"They found us 2 senior executives who could be huge strategic partners, who we would have had a very difficult time trying to start a conversation with, but they were happy to be a part of our podcast."

Kirby Wadsworth

Your Guests Promote You

"They found us 2 senior executives who could be huge strategic partners, who we would have had a very difficult time trying to start a conversation with, but they were happy to be a part of our podcast."

Kirby Wadsworth

How We Do It

1. Onboarding

We start off by doing a full-day strategy session with you and any relevant team members to do a VERY deep dive into your business. Your customers, your target market, your service offerings, and the opportunities available to you in the podcasting space.

We use this day to determine a name for your show, the style of the show and gather all of the information we need to start building out all the artwork and materials for your podcast.

This will be quite an intense day, but it will help us be successful in launching your podcast on the road forward. 

2. Set Up

There’s a ton of work to do before your podcast is ready to go live. We need to create artwork and marketing materials to complement your podcast, as well as get your website set up to host the weekly posts about your new episodes.

During this time we’ll also be building out our outreach list of potential guests who will make your show successful and profitable. Once you’ve approved everything, we’ll begin reaching out to potential guests and booking them on for you, all while helping you prepare for each episode. 

3. Start Recording

By this point, you’ll have new guests booked into your calendar to start recording with, and we’ll have already gone over all of the podcasting best practices with you to make you sound your best while hosting your show. We’ll also get you all set up with the software you need and can even attend the first few recordings to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Once you finish recording, just upload the files to us - that one hour per week is all you need to do to be the host of a revenue-generating podcast. 

4. Publish and Distribute

We handle absolutely everything from production to content repurposing and distribution. Once we hit this stage, we’ll be in a great stride with the process and it will all come naturally, in just an hour per week.

Then it’s just a matter of sitting back and watching your podcast grow.

Ready to Become a Legendary Podcast Guest?

Let’s set up a call and learn more about your goals and create a strategy for you!