Paul Spinak



Founder, President, Co-Owner, Creative Director
The Marketing Machine

Bio Info

For the past 22 years Paul has been the leader and chief mechanic of The Marketing Machine, a dependable advertising and marketing consulting company serving all of North Carolina and beyond.

In his personal life, Paul is connected to art in its many forms: he was a drummer in a pretty serious original rock band; today he is fascinated by metal and wood, combining these interests into creating picture frames, furniture and abstract pieces. The medium may change, the urge to create never will.

Previous Interviews

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Topic Suggestions

The evolution of branding over the past 20+ years

Working as a creative director in a branding agency

Balancing professional creativity with personal inspiration

Art in all its forms: how the choice of medium changes the artistic process.

Collaborating with other artists: professionally and personally

Riding out COVID and coming out on top.

Expanding the agency by opening a studio

Cars, motorcycles, and having the road to yourself during the lockdown.

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