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Pat is the Founder and CEO of WISE Digital Partners. He’s been an entrepreneur since the age of twelve, but got serious with his business endeavors in his mid twenties. Since then, he’s started over ten companies, and currently owns and operates three businesses based in California.

Dillon is an investor and he views the marketing of his business as an investment. Over the years Pat's companies have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Pando, TechCrunch, and numerous industry-specific publications. He's had the opportunity to work with national and global brands such as the NFL, Warner Bros. Records, and NBC Universal, as well thousands of small and medium-sized businesses across the United States. The Deal Current Network, a software company he was the Co-Founder and President of, was listed in Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of ‘100 Most Brilliant Companies’ in 2011 and later acquired by a global media company. Lightpost Digital, a division of Deal Current, developed into a stand-alone digital marketing agency that franchised nationwide, and was also later acquired under his reins as CEO. Today, Pat runs WISE Digital Partners, a full-service digital agency based in San Diego, CA with clients and employees across the globe. He also owns and operates two commercial janitorial companies. 

Pat is currently a contributing member of the Forbes Councils, an invitation-only network of executives in successful media strategy, creative, and advertising agencies.

Getting to know Pat is easy. He has a fairly versatile business background and loves talking about it. He's had his share of success and failures, and is an open book to talking about both. Pat is direct when he speaks, and really tries to provide context and background to his opinions, especially when it comes to marketing and business strategy. Patrick is spectacular at educating listeners and breaking down complicated online marketing terms and ideas. Marketing, Business and Brand Strategy, and Sales Development can be confusing but don't have to be. It just takes an explanation in plain language.

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