Paige McPheely

Paige McPheely

Founder & CEO - Base

2x startup founder & Forbes Next 1000 honoree

Bio Info

Paige McPheely is an emerging voice and advocate for women in entrepreneurship, the power of technology-supported assistants, building a company culture in a remote setting, and the future of work. Paige is the founder and CEO of Base, the first-ever platform for assistants and the executives they support. Previously, Paige co-founded 33Vincent, a remote executive assistant agency, where she saw first-hand the value an assistant provides. She couldn’t believe no tools existed to support this crucial role, so she assembled a team composed of more than 50 percent women to make it a reality. She discovered ample opportunity in the remote assistant industry, which has grown 50% for three years in a row, attributing this explosion not only to the rise of the remote workforce but also to a shift in how people perceive what it means to be – and to have – an executive assistant.

As a mentor and consultant to other female founders, a Forbes Next 1000 honoree, and a mother and entrepreneur who founded two successful businesses with three kids in diapers, Paige is committed to never compromising her family for work; and to encouraging her employees and mentees in enjoying the same freedom.

Paige believes in support, and organizing chaos – She often calls herself a reluctant entrepreneur, and does this work because she fundamentally believes Base is solving a real need, not because she always knew she wanted to build a company. She helps create the conditions for leverage, growth, and building a career while remaining a whole person for founders, leaders, and assistants alike through thoughtful, strategic hiring, delegation, and technology.

Paige grew up in Tampa and spent time in her adult life in multiple tech towns, moving from San Francisco to Austin, and eventually landing in Greenville, SC. Living with her serial entrepreneur husband and three sons in an emerging startup community affords Paige the opportunity to serve as a guide for others in raising capital, and as well as represent and bolster women in the entrepreneurial space. Base competed against 100 startups in its region in 2020’s NEXT Venture Pitch, where Base was crowned top startup in the southeast. In a startup scene that is primarily wealthy white men, to be a mother and a two-time founder with venture-backing is atypical and was a great honor. Paige strives to both enable others in and embody what is possible with the right support, and to stop leaving money, and potential, on the table


The CEO of Base explains why each hire is a ‘cultural cofounder’, contrasting company values, and more

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