Nick Hobson, PhD

Chief Behavioral Scientist & Director of Labs at Apex™ | Fortune 500 Strategist | Author | Lecturer

Bio Info

Nick Hobson is a broker of science and business strategy. He consults, practices, researches, and writes on topics related to the psychology of workplace performance and consumer behavior. Hobson has a PhD in behavioral neuroscience from the University of Toronto, and is currently Chief Behavioral Scientist and Director of Labs at Apex. 

Nick believes that all business is behavioral and, as a scientist-turned practitioner, his mission through podcasting is threefold: He wants to help listeners build bridges between the scientific community and business stakeholders, solve difficult problems using behavioral science and data analytics, and understand how humans work, consume, and interact with one another.

He has written for Business Insider, Forbes, Vice, Quartz, Psychology Today, and others. If you book Hobson, you would be speaking with a person whose work has been featured on NPR's Hidden Brain, History Channel, Discovery Magazine, and Time. Decision-making leaders in industries like finance, hospitality, healthcare, and retail turn to Nick's episodes to learn ways to integrate human behavior with business success.

Previous Interviews

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Nick Hobson on the origin of behavioural insights teams in government and how the pandemic has pushed behavioural science back into the “lab of real-life.”

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MarTech Podcast // Marketing + Technology = Business Growth

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Topic Suggestions

Making Science Work, at Work: How to use science to grow your business and be more profitable

How Emotions Drive Us to Act: The unexpected ways in which our feelings own our behavior (for good and bad)

The Zombie Fallacy: Why we love brains, and what it means for your business

It's All Just a Bunch of BS: Why does science belong in business?

The Magic of Ritual: How marketers can leverage the power of ritual superstition to build a loyal tribe

Humanize the Customer: Understanding the human motivations that drive a customer to buy

All Business Is Behavioral: Making sense of human behavior by applying the principles of science

Understanding the meaning behind how your team works, what your customers consume, and how they interact

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