Nick Bond

Co-Founder of Apex™

Bio Info

Nick is the Founding Partner and Head of Product at Apex, an AI-driven solution that uses insights from customer research to identify how aligned a brand is with the desires of their customer and translates them into business and marketing strategies that improve CX. Before Apex, he worked for a decade with Ipsos in the market research industry and another five years managing a Strategic Marketing Planning team within the Canadian Tire group of companies. 

Nick joined the agency world leading the Strategy Department at a well-established Western Canadian firm. With specific experience in understanding customer expectations, motivations, and frustrations, he developed these insights into in-market plans for Marketing and Operational teams, which allowed him to deploy the initial algorithm and output in what would become Apex. A rare combination of data junkie and people-person, Nick has used his wealth of research and go-to-market planning skills in many sectors such as energy, retail, not-for-profit, tourism, financial services, government, real estate, post-secondary, and technology.

This guest speaker provides accurate and tangible metrics with measurable impact on organizations. He built a career understanding people and wants to help your audience assess the relationship that people have with their brands. Book him now!

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