Nathan Labenz

Nathan Labenz

Waymark CEO

Bio Info

Nathan Labenz is the CEO of the world's first input-free, automated marketing platform for video. Using cutting-edge marketing tools the Waymark platform enables businesses of all sizes to optimize their video messaging.

Nathan's expertise in identifying and resolving roadblocks to corporate success led Waymark to define the "anyone can edit video" space. It is an ideal solution for Enterprise companies concerned with corporate branding and content governance, but also for marketers, sales people, franchisees, small businesses and even freelancers who need to create professional video messages.

Nathan is an expert in leadership, digital transformation and content governance that empowers businesses to take control of their own advertising. Nathan can also speak with authority on the topics of entrepreneurship, problem solving and the constant back-and-forth between brand alignment and empowerment.

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Topic Suggestions

Why video is such a potent marketing tool.

How to make the most of your video marketing.

You no longer need to be a video creator for your business!

Built-in governance for Enterprise video marketing.

Solving the conundrum of maintaining strong branding while meeting localization needs.

Saving time and money with digital transformation of the content creation process.

Using technology to create ad campaigns in seconds.

The do's and don'ts of entrepreneurship.

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