Mona Shum

Owner & Principal Industrial Hygienist, Aura Health and Safety Corporation

Bio Info

Mona Shum is a certified industrial hygienist with over 25 years of experience in exposure assessment, indoor air quality investigations, chemical review, and environmental public health. As the owner and Principal Industrial Hygienist at Aura Health and Safety Corporation, she assists clients in solving complex industrial hygiene and environmental health problems. Her technical skills and different perspectives allow her to find viable and practical options for clients struggling with assessment or mitigation of occupational and environmental exposures. Mona has also co-authored over 20 publications and has extensive teaching experience at various universities in Canada and the United States.

With her expertise in occupational and environmental health, Mona would make a great guest on podcasts that cater to middle managers and top managers, as well as workers in industries such as mining, electricity, film and television, airport, construction, and manufacturing. She can provide valuable insights on embracing technology in slow-moving industries, climate change and its impact on occupational settings, and controlling exposures in the film and television industry. Book her now!

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Topic Suggestions

Best practices for middle and top managers in navigating the shift to technology in slow-moving industries

Mitigating risks related to climate change and workplace safety

Innovative strategies for protecting workers and minimizing health risks by controlling exposures in the film and television industry

Lessons learned and best practices for pandemic planning in industries affected by COVID-19

A guide for middle and top managers to assess and mitigate health risks in the occupational setting

Identifying sources and developing effective mitigation strategies to improve indoor air quality

Compliance and company-specific needs in developing effective management programs for hazardous materials

Conveying exposure assessment and control strategies effectively to diverse audiences in industrial hygiene and environmental health

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