Mike Saylor

CEO, Blackswan Cybersecurity

Bio Info

Mike Saylor is an accomplished cybersecurity and IT professional with over 29 years of experience in the industry. He has an extensive background in business process, IT operations, audit and risk management, incident response, and investigations. With a solid knowledge of operations, strategy, and management, Mike has led complex governance, intelligence, IT security, response, and risk management initiatives throughout his career.

As the CEO and Executive Leader in the Technology Advisory and Risk practice at Blackswan Cybersecurity, Mike is a respected leader, educator, and speaker in the areas of cybersecurity, incident response, and cybercrime investigations. His extensive experience makes him a perfect fit for podcasts focused on enhancing the skills and capabilities of employees, preparing the management and board to handle cybersecurity risks, and recognizing that cybersecurity is not solely an IT issue. His expertise can provide valuable insights and perspectives for the audience consisting of C-Suite executives, founders/owners, IT directors, and other key IT/compliance decision-makers. If you are interested in booking a highly knowledgeable and experienced cybersecurity expert as a guest, you should look no further than Mike Saylor.

Previous Interviews

The Cyber Pro Podcast

The Cyber Pro Podcast

#192 - Mike Saylor - CEO - Blackswan Cybersecurity, LLC

Topic Suggestions

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