Mike Rowlands

President, Junxion

Bio Info

Mike Rowlands is an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant, and advisor with more than 20 years of experience in catalyzing social responsibility and sustainability with organizations worldwide. As President & CEO of Junxion, Mike has advised some of the world’s most courageous and generative companies, non-profits, and movements on strategy, sustainability, and social impact. From offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and London, Junxion has served clients on five continents, helping them define their purpose, plan their impact, tell their stories, and embrace accountability.

Mike's expertise in purpose-driven business, strategic planning, company culture, social impact, and the role of leaders in social justice and climate change makes him an excellent fit for podcasts with an audience of C Suite and Board Level leaders, such as CEOs, COOs, or CMOs. As an emcee, keynote speaker, and frequent workshop presenter, Mike regularly hosts events and conferences, where he teaches strategy, branding, and entrepreneurial leadership. His passion for hosting juicy, generative conversations with people and groups in service to life is infectious, making him an ideal guest for podcasts seeking to inspire transformative change.

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Topic Suggestions

Defining your purpose and integrating it into your business strategy to create a purpose-driven business

Building resilience and adaptiveness as you implement your strategy with an agile approach

Identifying and defining your brand values and embedding them within your organization

Thriving in a purpose-driven world and meeting the demands of the 21st century

The future of work: Navigating the transition to the purpose economy

Taking bold action to confront the climate emergency and building a more sustainable future

The significance of CEO leadership in social purpose businesses

The evolution of purpose-driven strategies: Advances in ESG metrics and reporting

Crafting an effective narrative for storytelling mastery in business leadership

Overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities in the profit-purpose balance as socially responsible CEOs

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