Michael Osborne

Michael Osborne

President, Wunderkind

Bio Info

Michael Osborne is the President of Wunderkind. With over 30 years of experience in marketing technology, he is an established industry leader trusted by major brands such as Bloomingdale's, Hilton and Santander Bank. His work focuses on delivering excellent client experiences by leveraging multichannel data and profiles. He is also an expert in executive leadership, retail trends and sales, having led Bazaarvoice to its IPO in 2012.
Michael is an energetic and opinionated speaker, as well as an avid online shopper and outdoor cooking aficionado!

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Topic Suggestions

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Latest trends and hot topics in retail

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Leadership, culture and trends in sales

Lessons from starting (and ending) my own start-up

Digital marketing tactics for businesses of all sizes

Using real-time data to deliver personalized marketing strategies

Electronics, photography and outdoor cooking tips! 

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