Michael Messele

Co-Founder & CEO | The Pillar Project | Etherspot 

Bio Info

Michael is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pillar Project, where he leverages innovations built on the decentralized economy. He is also the CEO of Etherspot, an all-in-one, EVM-compatible framework and a very much-needed game-changing innovation in cross-chain asset transfers & Web3 user experience. He has been actively involved in the space since 2016, and is an experienced campaigner within the FinTech industry, coupled with a previous start-up exposure. Messele has built many technological tools with a career spanning for over 15 years.

Previous to Pillar, he co-founded a start-up called Afalagi and built a successful directory inquiry business in a developing emerging market. Michael has an MBA from Cranfield School of Management, and is specialized on leadership, coordination, entrepreneurship, exotics derivatives, independent pricing verification, blockchain-based innovations, crypto, and more.

This knowledgeable speaker is looking to help blockchain project owners, business developers, and crypto enthusiasts leverage the Ethereum and almost all of EVM-compatible chains. Messele will empower your audience to create and easily participate in autonomous digital economies! Book him now.


Pillar - Michael Messele

Michael Messele is a co-founder and CEO of Pillar Project and Etherspot. Etherspot is an account abstraction SDK that allows developers to simplify & significantly improve user experience in Web3 and make it easy to exploit the best features of all EVM-compatible chains quickly and with minimal effort and cost.

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Topic Suggestions

Improving the Web3 UX with an all-in-one cross-chain transaction interface

Creating a superior multi-chain DeFi experience with advanced network interoperability

Ease of Use & Collaborative Success - How to do cross-chain activities in a simple way

Idealism, Practicality & the Internet of Money - Gaining & managing crypto-based financial independence 

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Smart Contract Framework Accessibility - Using the Web3 without even knowing how it works

Why should DAOs be the future decision-makers of product development in the blockchain space?

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