Michael Epstein

Michael Epstein

Private Equity CMO, Investor in eCommerce & SAAS

Bio Info

After selling his first company in 2013, Michael has served as CMO of multiple 8 and 9 figure private equity backed online retailers where he successfully utilized direct mail to improve customer loyalty, retention, and profitability. After leading a turnaround and successful exit for a $200M portfolio of aftermarket automotive brands, he now serves as CMO of a leading venture backed ecommerce aggregator, Ecommerce Brands. Additionally, he's a principal at PostPilot, a platform that allows you to send personalized postcards automatically at scale, as easily as you'd create an email campaign.

Michael is keen to share his insights into acquiring and retaining customers with your audience. If engaging customers, lowering costs, and increasing value are topics that matter to your listeners, then they will love Michael's advice!  

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Topic Suggestions

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