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Founder & CEO, Carbon Cap

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Michael Azlen is an accomplished investment professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. His background includes the founding, growth and sale of a regulated investment management businesses to a public company.  Mr. Azlen has been a guest lecturer on the graduate degree programme at London Business School for 18 years and now teaches a segment on impact of climate change on the investment industry.  Since 2018, he has been researching climate change and environmental investments, with a particular emphasis on carbon pricing and Emissions Trading Systems (ETS).  He is the co-author of the seminal paper on carbon as a liquid asset class which was published in the Journal of Alternative Investments in 2022.  As the Founder and CEO of Carbon Cap Management, Michael aims to raise awareness about climate change and provide solutions directly related to the capping and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.  The firm runs the World Carbon Fund, a liquid impact fund that invests into multiple carbon markets with twin goals of generating absolute returns and a direct impact on climate change. 

Michael has a Master's Degree in Leadership and Strategy from London Business School, and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst. He is a regular speaker at conferences on both climate change and investment related solutions.  Michael's deep knowledge at the intersection of investment and climate change make him a valuable guest for podcasts aimed at hedge fund investors or for listeners who want to understand more about carbon markets.  He provides a unique perspective on how carbon markets can help tackle climate change and how carbon is now emerging as a large and liquid global asset class. 


Michael Azlen

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Climate Change and Carbon as a Liquid Asset Class 1


10.12.2020 Webinar - Cimate Change and Carbon as an Emerging Asset Class

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