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Matt Bell

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Matt Bell is an experienced entrepreneur and business leader who specializes in B2B marketing, content marketing, B2B growth, B2B leadership, and digital-first buying/selling. He co-founded MessageUp to assist B2B companies in improving their messaging and and in delivering effective content without overwhelming their teams.

Matt's unique career path includes front-line engineering, technology development, corporate venture capital, and private equity-backed business leadership. This varied experience has given him a global perspective that is particularly relevant in today's interconnected business world. CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders, board members, CMOs, VPs of marketing, and marketing directors who want to stand out will benefit from Matt's expertise in content marketing, which has become mission-critical in today's digital-first world. Matt's passion and experience are valuable resources for businesses looking to achieve sustainable growth and success. Book Matt now to learn from one of the industry's top thought leaders!


A Videographer's Take On Video Strategy

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Behind the Scenes: Questions with Melanie

Matt puts Melanie, our co-founder in the "hot seat" and asks questions on all kinds of topics ranging from work related questions to favorite books and travel goals.


Content Marketing: Mission Critical

Content Marketing:

Mission Critical

A B2B CEO’s Guide to Growth through Effective Content Marketing

Content Marketing: Making the Magic Happen

Content Marketing:

Making the Magic Happen

A B2B Marketing Leader's Guide to Growth Through Effective Content Marketing

Topic Suggestions

Harnessing the power of thought leadership for B2B marketing success: Building your brand with content

Marketing strategies for effective B2B marketing recovery and growth in the post-COVID landscape

Tips and best practices for optimizing the buying experience for digital-first B2B customers

Empowering B2B leadership: Enabling your team to create consistent and relevant content

Customer-focused content marketing: A mission-critical ingredient for B2B growth

Maximizing the impact of limited resources in B2B content marketing

Winning B2B customers with engaging content: From mind share to market share

Tips and strategies for scaling your B2B content marketing efforts and driving growth

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