Mark Musselman

CEO at MX5 Consulting

Bio Info

Mark Musselman is a successful entrepreneur who attributes much of his success to the positive changes brought by coaching and mentoring. In 2000, when he was given the reigns of his family’s manufacturing business, he wondered if coaching would make a difference and worth the investment of time and money. What he discovered in that first venture set the course for the rest of his professional journey: Mark embraces every aspect of coaching because of what it has created in his life and in the lives of others.

For over 20 years, he has been leading several hundred business owners, CEOs, presidents, executive directors, and senior executives with the goal of increasing profitability, impact, and sustainability. Musselman focuses on what keeps people up at night and what wakes them up at 3am; he wants to meet them with questions to uncover what no one has unveiled, what needs to be seen, and focuses on being of support as they move their business and life forward.

Mark loves meeting you on the edge if you are ready to go there. Listeners will learn how to bridge executive teams with key stakeholders, board of directors and cross-functional leadership teams, how to develop open communications (internal and external), cross-functional collaboration, shared vision, and accountable, inclusive cultures. Book him now!

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Topic Suggestions

The value of self-awareness & understanding intimately what it feels like to be stuck to set free

Closing the gaps between people’s vision and the day-to-day activities that produce results

Transformational Leadership: Co-creating powerful results for executives through effective communication

Aligning people, systems, work, and resources within an organization around what matters most

Revealing truths that lead to action and improved results

Guidance to overcome the challenges associated with the changing landscape

Sustaining growth by breaking through the challenges and building long-term strategies

Recognizing the blind spots that get you stuck & discovering breakthroughs to "the other side"

Unique challenges of leading a family-owned business with vision & engagement

Getting Unstuck: You don't drown by falling in the river, you drown by staying submerged in it

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