Mark Cox

Mark Cox

President at In the Funnel Sales Coaching

Bio Info

Mark founded In the Funnel Sales Coaching with the mission of dramatically improving the performance and professionalism of B2B sales teams.

With a focus on strategy, process, tools and discipline, Mark has helped 100s of companies achieve double-digit growth. Prior to founding In The Funnel, Mark led sales organizations in outsourcing, services and technology businesses for over 20 years. He has personally sold, structured and negotiated some of the largest single-sales transactions in North America including a billion-dollar deal with a top 10 U.S. bank.

Mark's passion for creating positive change in the sales profession is clear whenever he speaks. Founders, CEOs and sales leaders will love the insights he can provide regarding B2B sales, the sales profession, and sales management.

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Module 8:

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Module 12:

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