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Maribeth Ross is a seasoned marketing expert with over two decades of experience in B2C and B2B marketing. As the CMO of PERQ, she has an extensive background in digital experience and how buyers behave and engage. Her passion lies in creating experiences that provide buyers with what they need throughout their journey. With a deep understanding of marketing technologies and their evolution across various industries, Maribeth has recently focused on marketing technology for the multifamily industry.

Maribeth's expertise in marketing automation, AI for multifamily, multifamily marketing, and marketing technology make her an excellent fit for podcasts targeting marketing directors and above within the multifamily industry. Marketing leaders, asset managers, and property management company owners will benefit from Maribeth's insights into reshaping the way they think about leads in multifamily, automating the renter's journey, and converting their website into their #1 source of leases. If you are looking for a highly experienced marketing leader with a consultative style, exceptional problem-solving skills, and a technical command of complex concepts, Maribeth Ross is the expert you need!


Prospect Engagement Across A Lengthening Renter's Journey

The renter’s journey is changing, so much that a recent study of rental prospect interactions tells an interesting story of how multifamily marketers need to adapt to meet the preferences of today’s rental prospects.


Do's and Don'ts of Top-of-Funnel Marketing


Five Easy Tricks to Get More Treats From Your B2B Contact Database


How Mission Rock Transformed the Multifamily Renter’s Journey


2023 Multifamily Market Outlook


Previous Interviews


Creating Better Leads with Maribeth Ross - Mad Marketing TV Ep 22

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